Visit the Farm

The Farm is free and open for you to explore on your own from sunup to sundown, every day. You’re free to look in the barn, visit the animals, and walk the paths to see what’s growing. Check out our map to get ready for your visit! As the seasons change, so do we, and there is always something new down on the Farm.

Our self-service market stand is also open for business whenever you come and visit. Pick up some veggies, flowers, eggs, or maple syrup at our stand, and get a first hand view of what local food looks like.

NCOF’s Ambassadors offer free guided tours periodically throughout the year. Dates are announced in our e-newsletter and on Facebook.

Hear what our visitors have to say:

“My kids get excited every time I tell them we are going to the organic farm. We see something different every time we go. Today we went into the pigs house (pig was in the other pen). Last visit we discovered the aqua-duct. Visit before we watered chicken and fed the rabbits. Love the place.”—Henry P. via Facebook

“Last summer by grandson visited us and had a wonderful time at the Farm. He was allowed to walk through all the different sections of the Farm, including the barn and was also encourage to “help” with the chores involved with the Farm. Since he lives outside Manhattan, he was fascinated with the different areas of farm life and especially the pigs! Thank you for all your efforts and hard work.” –Suzanne B. by mail