Maple Sugaring Tours

Maple Sugaring Tours

Freezing nights in the 20s and warm days in the 40s trigger the sugar maple sap run, which starts our sugaring season 2022!

C’mon down and learn the science and history of “sugaring.” Around our campfires, visitors will learn Indigenous people and Colonist historical techniques for making maple sugar. Learn about tree identification, qualities of sap and syrup, how to tap, and more at our outdoor displays and tapped trees. If the weather’s just right, we’ll watch sap dripping into buckets and boiling in our sugar shack.

. . . And even though Mother Nature can’t guarantee the sap run (and boiling) on any given day, tours are still interesting and fun, and offer visitors a fascinating view of this enduring New England tradition.


  • 60 minutes
  • Tours open to the public
  • 15 spots/tour
  • $9 per person
  • babes in carriers free
  • Groups 6+: Email [email protected]


  • Campfires lit Saturdays only
  • Tours run rain or shine—no refunds
  • 100% outdoors—dress for the weather and wear sturdy footwear

Advanced registration required

($9 Registration fee per person in your group)

To register, click on specific dates listed below or visit  sugaring tours registration 


February Vacation


  • 9:30 am
  • 9:45 am
  • 10:30 am
  • 10:45 am
  • 11:30 am
  • 11:45 pm
  • 9:45 am
  • 11:00 am
  • 12:15 pm
  • 2:15 pm
  • 3:30 pm
  • 11:00 am
  • 12:15 pm
  • 3:30 pm

Questions? Email [email protected]