Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Registration now open to all for Summer 2023

To prepare yourself for registering for summer programs you can do the following things:

Registration is open to the public, but Crofter Level members and above receive 20% off all children’s programming:

  • If you have an active Crofter membership or above we will need a few business days to update your new profile on Sawyer with your active membership.
  • If you do not have a Crofter membership or above you can now purchase it on the new registration program, Sawyer. You will need to purchase the membership and then in a separate transaction purchase the program.

Summer Programs

Join us for our outdoor summer programs and experience hands-on fun and explore on our real, working farm! Ages pre-k through teen are invited to stretch their legs and stretch their minds, exploring everyday farm and forest life, including….

  • Feeding scraps to pigs and greens to rabbits, and collecting chicken eggs
  • Harvesting tomatoes and green beans, and pulling weeds
  • Exploring our stream and pond, and discovering our forest’s critters

There’s something for all ages. Farm or forest summer programs for younger children offer animal chores, veggie cooking, simple science lessons, free play, nature crafts, read alouds, and forest exploration. Older youth take on increasing livestock and agricultural challenges, with a focus on team building, leadership, and problem-solving.

Children not only discover where food comes from, but are both learners and changemakers in support of a sustainable and healthy planet.

Important Notes and FAQs! 

NEW in 2023:

Farm Members at the Crofter Level ($125/year) and up: if you have not yet set up your account in our new software, Sawyer, please follow the instructions below before you register your child/ren for programs

Non-members and Farmer-level members ($50/year): No action is required. You can browse our programs below in the Semester and Camps/Events tabs.

Crofter Level+ Instructions:

  • Set up a Sawyer account here. (Est. time to complete = 2 minutes)
  • Once you have done this, please pause. Do not register for any programs yet, because you won’t be able to use the member promo code.
  • We need 1-2 business days to configure your membership in the software.
  • We will email you when your account is ready.
  • Email [email protected]org for assistance

Member Savings:

Current NCOF Members at the Crofter level ($125) and above save 20% on summer programs and get access to early registration. Join & Save.

Crofter Level members and above will be able to register for summer programs starting January 17. Registration for the general public will open up in mid-February.

With the exception of our 2 holiday weeks, programs for 9 and unders meet Monday – Thursday, no Friday programs for this group. Families choose either a morning (9 am – 12 pm) or PM (1 – 4 pm). Programs for 10+ choose either Monday – Friday mornings (8:30 am – 12 pm) or Monday – Thursday afternoons (1 – 4:30 pm). No programs on Friday afternoons.

Yes! We will email our newsletter when registration goes live to members (January 17) and then to the public (February 6). You may join our newsletter here.

Our programs are open to the public, though Farm Members at the Crofter level and up will have a 3-week priority registration period beginning January 17. Crofter + members also save 20% on youth programming year round!

Each year is different, so it’s hard for us to tell when summer programs will fill up. Programs for ages 7 and under are our best-enrolled groups, and these do typically sell out each year. Some June and July weeks for this age, especially the 3-5s, do also tend to sell out during the member enrollment period. 

For families booking several weeks of summer programs, or a few weeks of summer plus 1 or 2 year round programs, it is! A Crofter membership is $125/year, and in addition to the priority registration period, members receive 20% off youth programs year-round. A Crofter membership “pays for itself”, as the saying goes, for families who book 4 or 5 weeks of summer programs, or a few weeks of summer programs plus 1 or 2 school-year programs. More information on membership can be found here.

Our 2023 summer season will run for 10 weeks, from June 12 – August 18. No programs June 19, July 3 and 4. Registration is offered on a per-week basis. Choose 1 week, 10 or any number in between!


Email [email protected]


“I have been meaning to write for months, really ever since my 4 year old son, A., finished up 5 weeks of the Budding Farmer program … Everyday he was full of enthusiastic stories about what he’d found in the woods and the animals he’d cared for! He talked more about this than he has about any school, camp, or class he has ever done.” A.L., Parent

“My son is dyslexic. When I asked him what his favorite activity has been this summer, he said working at the Farm–even over going to fancy ropes course. He loves doing physical work. It calms him down and makes him feel good about himself. I can see the difference in him after he’s been working at the Farm. He feels better. He loves contributing to NCOF. I love how NCOF is so positive about him and what he can do.”–R. Parent

“My child asked to buy some Swiss Chard.  I never would have imagined those words coming out of his child’s mouth before coming to the farm!”–T., Parent

“ We cannot thank all of you enough for being so kind, welcoming and accepting of our family, especially O.! He has come such a long way, from being terrified of animals to wanting his own chickens! I never grew up around animals and in fact I am terrified of them—never was “outdoorsy” or comfortable getting ‘down and dirty.’ I have learnt so much in the past year, and am so glad to be able to say O. is different.– “ S., Parent