Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Members at the Crofter level and above save 20% off youth programs. The easiest way to purchase a membership is directly on our registration software, Sawyer. You will have to complete that purchase, then log back in and use the code MEMBER20 in order to receive your discount.

Registration for summer is now open.


Start preparing for summer early- read our Summer Programs Handbook today!

To learn more about memberships and their benefits, check out our membership page.

Summer Registration Click Here


Registration for Summer Programs is open now- click the green bar above to be taken to our registration software.

Our programs are open to the public, though Farm Members at the Crofter level and up will have a priority registration period beginning mid-January. In 2023, over 50% of our available spots were sold in this priority period. Crofter + members also save 20% on youth programming year round!

Each year is different, so it’s hard for us to tell when summer programs will fill up. Programs for ages 7 and under are our best-enrolled groups, and these do typically sell out each year. Some June and July weeks for this age, especially the 3-5s, do also tend to sell out during the member enrollment period. 

For families booking several weeks of summer programs, or a few weeks of summer plus 1 or 2 year round programs, it is! A Crofter membership is $150/year, and in addition to the priority registration period, members receive 20% off youth programs year-round. A Crofter membership “pays for itself”, as the saying goes, for families who book 4 or 5 weeks of summer programs, or a few weeks of summer programs plus 1 or 2 school-year programs. More information on membership can be found here.

Our 2024 season will run June 10 – August 16. No programs June 19, or July 4 or 5. We have 5 day/week programs for children ages 6 and up, and 4 day/week programs for children ages 3-5.


“I have been meaning to write for months, really ever since my 4 year old son, A., finished up 5 weeks of the Budding Farmer program … Everyday he was full of enthusiastic stories about what he’d found in the woods and the animals he’d cared for! He talked more about this than he has about any school, camp, or class he has ever done.” A.L., Parent

“My son is dyslexic. When I asked him what his favorite activity has been this summer, he said working at the Farm–even over going to fancy ropes course. He loves doing physical work. It calms him down and makes him feel good about himself. I can see the difference in him after he’s been working at the Farm. He feels better. He loves contributing to NCOF. I love how NCOF is so positive about him and what he can do.”–R. Parent

“My child asked to buy some Swiss Chard.  I never would have imagined those words coming out of his child’s mouth before coming to the farm!”–T., Parent

“ We cannot thank all of you enough for being so kind, welcoming and accepting of our family, especially O.! He has come such a long way, from being terrified of animals to wanting his own chickens! I never grew up around animals and in fact I am terrified of them—never was “outdoorsy” or comfortable getting ‘down and dirty.’ I have learnt so much in the past year, and am so glad to be able to say O. is different.– “ S., Parent