Summer Programs

Summer Programs Overview

Farm educators engage their students in agriculture/environmental activities and games, teach them how to be a farmer by participating in farm operations. and promote unstructured free-play.
We find that farm education teaches kids, and adults alike, the importance of social and physical competence with team work/collaboration, exploration, problem solving, and real farm work that connects people to their food!


  • ALL PROGRAMS ARE HELD OUTDOORS! Please ensure your child is dressed for the weather.
  • By week: M-Thu AM and PM sessions, June 14 – August 20.
  • Refunds are accepted through June 1.
  • Refunds, cancellations, and changes to program registrations can be made at no cost within 5 business days of registration. After 5 business days and before the June 1 deadline, changes will be subject to a $25 fee. During the Summer, no refunds will be granted after June 1 for cancellations or changes.

Current NCOF Members at the Crofter level ($125) and above automatically save 20% on summer programs and get access to early registration in January. Membership lasts a full year. All public program and membership registrations take place online in our online registration system.

Summer Programming Options

Budding Farmers (Ages 4-5) 9-12pm & 1-4pm

The day of a Budding Farmer is filled with exploration and imagination. As our youngest group on the farm, Budding Farmers discover this fascinating place with all five senses. Children taste a variety of vegetables for the first time, listen like bunnies in a rabbit circle, and feel the rough tongue of the cow licking grain from their hands. Guided by farm educators, expect your child to build their powers of observation while immersing themselves in the farm landscape.

Growing Farmers (Ages 8-9) 8:30-12pm & 1-4:30pm

Growing Farmers are ready to be part of the farm. Whether it’s making some mint tea after weeding a fence line, singing a song while stacking some wood, or holding the second annual Forest Stream Regatta, these youngsters experience the breadth and depth of farm life. Through work, through play, Growing Farmers discover what they can do, learn, and become in the potential of the farm has to bring.

Young Farmers (Ages 6-7) 9-12pm & 1-4pm

The day of a Young Farmer is filled with creativity and discovery. They discover that they can create works of art through found material and, hopefully, discover that the Farm just wouldn’t be quite the same without them. Who would wash the sap buckets? Who would gather rocks from the chicken pastures? Who would help the Farmers unearth lost potatoes in the lower field? These kids get their hands dirty turning the Farm into their classroom, stage, and playground.

Summer Sprouts (Ages 3-5) 8:30-12pm & 1-4:30pm

We are welcoming little ones to join us this summer in an extension of our Sprouts program. The Summer Sprouts engage in child lead free play and farm exploration, where they build on their social and emotional traits, as well as learn about our animals, the fun sights in the forest, and how to care for plants. Crafts and ponding are also a big hit!

Jr Working Farmers (Ages 10-11) 8:30-12pm & 1-4:30pm

The Junior Working Farmer program is for kids ready to have fun while doing good work. This can-do team and the work they do touches all aspects of farm life. One day they are carpenters, fixing a sticky gate. The next day they might be engineers finding the gradient for a storm drain. And everyday they curate and polish the market stand. Each day brings something exciting and new, new problems to solve, new opportunities for creativity. The Junior Working Farmers is a great chance for kids to learn all things farming!

Working Farmers (Ages 12-15) 8:30-12pm & 1-4:30pm

The Working Farmer program is a learn by doing experience. As Working Farmers kids become agricultural juggernauts, powering every dimension of the growing process. Seeding, weeding, cultivating, harvesting, selling- they are hands on at every step. Working right alongside our expert growers, kids learn where their food comes from and how to grow it. Throughout the summer, this team develops the skills and the confidence to run the farm and have a blast while doing it. So get ready to roll up your sleeves!

Forest Explorers (Ages 3-5) 9-12pm

With the Forest Explorers, children discover the woods as a place of magic and make-believe through song, play, and storytelling. What’s behind that tree? What’s under that rock? What’s around the trail bend? These questions, when infused with a sense of adventure, make each day a truly epic day in the woods. Build a fort, bake a mud-pie, make a leaf collage, or splash in the pond. Each week, the Forest Explorers fill the woods with wonder and laughter in the morning.

Woodland Wanderers (Ages 4-7) 1-4pm

For the kids who love to wander, whittle, and build out in the woods. This afternoon program is out in the Forest, like the morning Forest Explorers, but is geared for kids who are a little older. We will hike, explore, and try out some basic primitive skills in our beautiful forested area adjacent to the Farm. PM session only.

Early Morning Drop Off (Ages 3-7) 8:30-9am

Early drop off for families that have split program times. If you’ve got a kid in a 9am start and an 8:30am start, register for this session to drop everyone off at 8:30am. Activities will vary from crafts to light farm projects.

  Meeting and Pick Up Spots

Program Meeting Spot
Forest Explorers Woods Entrance – Behind the farmhouse to the far end of the flower fields.
Summer Sprouts Sprout Gate – Behind the farmhouse to the far left, near the woods entrance.
Budding Farmers Gazebo – left side of the farmhouse, behind information kiosk.
Working Farmers Sugar Shack – Building at the top of the driveway.
Jr. Working Farmers Tent/Old Barn spot
Young Farmers Apple Tree – To the right and back side of the farmhouse.
Growing Farmers Front Farmhouse, bushes.
Woodland Wanderers Woods Entrance – Behind the farmhouse to the far end of the flower fields.


“I have been meaning to write for months, really ever since my 4 year old son, A., finished up 5 weeks of the Budding Farmer program (or farm camp, as we fondly called it) … Everyday he was full of enthusiastic stories,what he’d found in the woods, the animals he’d cared for, the bee stings he’d bravely endured! He talked more about farm camp (and with more enthusiasm) than he has about any school, camp, or class he has ever done. Part of that is because of him and what he loves/feels connected to. But most of that is because of you and the wonderful programs you run. Please know how grateful A. and our whole family is for the important work that you do on the farm.” A.L., Parent

Meet the Educators

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  • We do not offer credits or partial refunds.

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