The Natick Community Organic Farm

The Natick Community Organic Farm is a nonprofit, certified-organic farm
productive open space, farm products, and hands-on education for all ages, year-round.


The Farm is free to visit and open to the public from sun up to sundown every day of the year.
See the creatures, pick up some veggies at our self-service market stand, and get a first-hand view of what local food looks like.

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The Natick Farm is about farming in the public eye. When you come here you get to see what food looks like before it gets processed, refined, or packaged. You get to see what taking good care of the land and the animals looks like. And you get to see what teaching the next generation about stewardship, ecology, and personal responsibility looks like.

We are farming in community and would love to have you join us.

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NCOF is running in the Boston Marathon!

Natick Community Organic Farm’s three 2018 Boston Marathoners are Hoofin’ It to Boston this year to help raise wages for the teens on NCOF’s Teen Work Crew and in its Mentoring Teens through Agriculture Apprenticeship. 

NCOF’s Teen Work Crew provides paid, meaningful summer employment to local teens ages 14 to 17. Crew members tackle farm jobs like mowing, carpentry, fencing, and splitting wood. In process, they hone their ability to take direction and to take responsibility for their work. To be chosen for TWC, teens must submit a written application and attend a working interview; it is a competitive process and an honor to be chosen.

NCOF’s Mentoring Teens through Agriculture is a paid, year-round apprenticeship offering comprehensive skill development and job training for local teens. Through weekly, year-round farm work, Apprentices develop an extensive understanding of how farms operate while developing leadership, teamwork, project planning and problem solving skills. Apprentices are hand-picked by Farm staff for their dedication, initiative, and leadership skills.  Many Apprentices go on to paid employment in agriculture.

Kate lives in Natick, MA. From Taunton, MA,  Works in Tech Support at Weston Middle School.

What you do for fun:  Run, Trail Run, Kayak, Swim, Knit, Read, go to concerts, sing really loud in my car

Running experiences:   Runner since 2011; 8 half marathons, including 1 Trail half.  5ks, 10ks, and mud/obstacle runs.  This will be my first marathon.   (Commence peeing my pants now.) 

My favorite run ever was:   Trail run along Mt. Wapack and the Mid State Trail.  12 miles of icy trails and scenic mountain views.  

Favorite pre-race food:  PB&J, Picky Bars. Favorite post-race food: Pretty much anything I can get my mitts on. 

What you are most excited about by running in this year’s Marathon: Turning 40 in March, and running Boston was once a “holy crap, never could I ever!” type thing.  And now I’m all, “holy smokes, I think I can!”   And guess what? I can.  And I will!  

Your “spirit farm animal”:  GOAT. Your “spirit farm vegetable”:  BEETS.  

Why you are running for NCOF:   We are so lucky to have this farm in Natick. I have brought my boys there for years to visit the goats, bunnies, turkeys, pigs, etc. The farm stand is a lovely place to shop. I want to be able to give back to a place that made my kids (and me) happy for so many years.  

Support Kate by donating to her Crowdrise page

Ron lives in Waltham, MA. From Farmington, NY. Works in Product Management & Marketing, Atlantis Technology in Concord, MA

What you do for fun: Run, Watch Hockey, Gaming, Volunteer and a little bit of parenting.

My favorite run ever was: The Boilermaker Road Race

Favorite pre-race food: Seafood Pasta.  Favorite post-race food: Everything. 

What you are most excited about by running in this year’s Marathon: Not being all jittery watching everyone run by me while I watch!

Your “spirit farm animal”: Pig

Your “spirit farm vegetable”: Brussel Sprouts

Why you are running for NCOF: It’s a wonderful community organization, with great people, that I know is going to make the most of every dollar we can raise for them. Many people I know have been touched by the NCOF in some way, whether it’s as a teen working there, as a teacher bringing a class, or a child just visiting.  

Support Ron by donating to his Crowdrise page or by attending his wife Amy’s spin ride March 24.

Sam is from and lives in Franklin. Preschool teacher

What you do for fun: Run (obviously), have dance offs with my kiddos, laugh at everything, go on adventures 

Running experiences: I have run many races, sometimes I feel the race is more in the training and the race is just showing off all the work- but here’s my brag book.. marathons- Boston 2016, Baystate Lowell 2016, Hyannis 2017 (as a relay team) The Pocono mountain marathon 2017, (who thinks a mountain is a good choice🤪), And I’ve run dozens of half’s but a few include Nashville, Gansette, Run to remember (run this annually), mayflower.. every year I run Falmouth which is hands down my favorite Summer race, and I’m so fortunate to be a huge part of the Sharon timeline race to cure ALS which is a local 5k that I have done for over 10years now. So those are a few… but I’ve also done a few trails and mud runs too!! 

My favorite run ever was: Falmouth is a favorite, but there is not a single race that can compare to the Boston Marathon. I trained my tail off for my first marathon- went in thinking it was a crazy idea on a bucket list and finished it with my worst marathon time ever, I woke the Friday before the Monday marathon knowing I was coming down with “something” as the weekend continued it got worst and by the marathon I ran Boston with 104.5 fever, and finished it. I went straight to bed after sick as a dog but that crazy pride of knowing I finished. Went to hospital next day tested positive for the flu, didn’t get out of bed for a week lol. HOWEVER the crowd carried me the entire way and I’d have done it all over again given the chance. Here I am 2018 begging for redemption. A chance to meet Boston again… oh I can’t wait!!!! 

Favorite pre-race food: simple toast and pb.

Favorite post-race food: usually something small like protein bar. But later maybe a slice of pizza! 

What you are most excited about by running in this year’s Marathon: the turn in Wellesley when you hear what sounds like thunder and for a minute you wonder if the rain will start and then you see them. The girls of Wellesley College. The screams and cheers are infectious. 

Your “spirit farm animal”: cow.

Your “spirit farm vegetable”: asparagus 

Why you are running for NCOF: I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to run for a great farm. I try to teach my own children about healthy foods, healthy bodies and a lot about farm to table. Sometimes my daughter makes fun of how health cautious I can be, but I love the idea of teaching children that veggies are cool!! So it only seems fitting to run for NCOF 

Anything else that you’d like to add: I’m just super excited!

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