The Natick Community Organic Farm

The Natick Community Organic Farm is a nonprofit, certified-organic farm
productive open space, farm products, and hands-on education for all ages, year-round.


The Farm is free to visit and open to the public from sun up to sundown every day of the year.
See the creatures, pick up some veggies at our self-service market stand, and get a first-hand view of what local food looks like.

Spring is just around the corner and that means maple sugaring season is almost here! Starting February 24 we’ll be running tours and expect to be in the sugar shack long past dark, boiling away. Join us!

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The Natick Farm is about farming in the public eye. When you come here you get to see what food looks like before it gets processed, refined, or packaged. You get to see what taking good care of the land and the animals looks like. And you get to see what teaching the next generation about stewardship, ecology, and personal responsibility looks like.

We are farming in community and would love to have you join us.

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Market Garden Acres


Pasture Acres


Woodland Acres


Wetland and Pond Acres

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NCOF goes a long way on the support of friends and neighbors. Consider joining us as a member or through a donation today!