MENTORING TEENS THROUGH AGRICULTURE offers comprehensive, year-round paid training to up to 8 teens annually. By serving as farm hands after school and during breaks, apprentices learn to run the farm and hone their abilities to plan, problem solve, work independently, manage, and lead. Many go on to careers in agriculture.
Apprentices are selected from their participation in other Farm programs.

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What our teens say:

“I used power tools to help build a table for the Gnome home. I’m really proud of that–maybe not of the table itself–but of the journey to build the table. I’ve learned how to be a leader here too, and that it’s OK to make mistakes.” – Ava F.

“I’ve learned to think for myself, and to take responsibility. To listen more and to talk less. My favorite moment was Casey teaching me to drive the tractor.“ – Jacob M.

“I’ve gotten to know an awesome group of people here. I like working with others and being part of a team.” – Gabe P.

“I’ve learned farm skills, but I think I’ve learned more life skills, like working with people. When you’re leading people, they don’t always work up to your expectations. You have to be able to account for that.” – Gabe S.

What their parents say:

“Initially my teen was unsure…within the week, she was explaining to me the intricacies of building a successful rabbit hutch and asking me if she’d be free enough to sign up for a regular gig during the year. Novel thinking and learning about nature will help her to grow and the farm to deliver.”—Rachael, Parent

“Working physically gives the kids troubleshooting skills that you just don’t learn typing on a computer.”—Christian, Parent

“The program is great because it allows him to be outside, work with others, and feel the accomplishment of getting projects done. It has given him independence with purpose.”—Allison, Parent