Flowers- Dried Flowers & Crafts

Dried Flowers & Crafts

Each season, we dry a crop of organic flowers and herbs in our sugar shack for year-round enjoyment! We never use any preservatives, chemicals, or dyes in our drying process. These ever-lasting colorful and scented blooms can be used in wreaths, centerpieces, arrangements, crafts, and more. We sell dried flowers wholesale, in arrangements, as wreaths/centerpieces, or in delicate crafts such as greeting cards, smell satchels, and magnets.
Contact to inquire about dried flowers year round, or check out our market stand for seasonal arrangements. Added value products are also available at the Farmers Market and seasonally available at our partnering locations.

Looking for a Gift? What About a Customized Arrangement?

Our arrangements are beautiful gifts for loved ones or special occasions

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