4/30/20: Seedling pre-orders have closed, but you can shop our stand for vegetable, flower, and herb seedlings. Our selection will change based on availability and as the weather warms up.

Whenever possible, we start our seedlings from organic, non-GMO seed.

All selections are proven reliable performers in our
climate. Seedlings are sold in four-packs.


Additional seedlings will be for sale at the farm stand.



“I used to start my own seedlings but found that I couldn’t beat NCOF’s for both quality and price. NCOF’s seedlings always grow better than any of the seedlings in the community garden plots around mine. They’re already been hardened off, so there’s never any transplant shock. And they are so productive! It’s nicer to buy my seedlings from NCOF because they are local, too.”—Ruben from Roslindale