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Our Meat & Other Products

The Natick Farm is a great source for local, humanely raised meats and eggs.

We also sell on our market stand maple syrup, honey, and woolen yarn.


We have the meats!

On your next visit to the farm, check out the meat sign next to the farmhouse door which is up to date with our pricing and availability of cuts.

We offer a variety of meats:

  • Pork (Sold year round)
  • Chicken (Sold year round)
  • Duck (Sold seasonally)
  • Lamb (Sold seasonally)
  • Mutton (Sold year round)
  • Goat (Sold year round)
  • Rabbit (Sold year round)
  • Beef (Sold every 3 years)

Market Stand Finds

Our market stands sells more than flowers, seedlings, and vegetables. Stop by and check out which seasonal, fun offering we have on the stand.

Every day you will find:

  • Eggs: We collect eggs daily in the morning and afternoon.
  • Woolen yarn: The yarn is made from our own shorn sheep!
  • Honey: We have our own bee hive on the property where we collect honey. We also sell local honey from neighboring farms.
  • Maple Syrup: This is a big deal at NCOF, as we spend a full season collecting and boiling maple syrup!


  • In the spring, we order baby chicks which we keep in our barn until of age to venture outside to one of our animal pens.
  • You can purchase any number of day old and young chicks to start or refresh a flock of your own.

We ask that you order through our online shop and bring your own means of transporting the chick(s) home.

New to home flocks?

We recommend that you do your research before starting a home flock and/or purchasing chickens from NCOF. Though chickens are fun animals for a backyard pet or for your processing needs, they come with responsibility in order to keep them healthy and safe. Check out this link to learn about Chicken 101.


Email our Livestock Manager Heather

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