CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a concerted effort between grower and consumer to make local food more sustainable for all involved. By buying a share at the beginning of the season, before some crops are even planted, you are making an investment in future harvests. For twenty weeks, from June to October, join us in eating healthy fresh vegetables, enjoying beautiful fresh flowers, or both!

Vegetable and meat CSA participation is a privilege of Farm Membership. Flowers are open to everyone.
Have questions? Reach out to [email protected]

  • Cost: $371
  • Pickup: Mondays after 3 pm from our Root Cellar
  • Duration: 20 weeks, June 10- October 21
  • * Start date may shift due to weather. We will confirm one week prior.
  • Shares distributed in reusable cloth bags
  • Weekly e-newsletter provides recipes and storage tips
  • $50 Current Farmer membership required, not included in price above.
  • Cost: $566
  • Pick up: Wednesdays after 3 pm from our root cellar
  • Duration: 20 weeks, June 12*-October 23
  • *Start date may shift due to weather. We will confirm one week prior.
  • shares distributed in reusable cloth bags
  • Weekly e-newsletter provides storage tips and recipes
  • $125 Current Crofter membership required, not included in price above.

With this card you can get a taste of every cut of our humanely raised, organically fed, free-range animals. Punch cards are available for beef, pork, or for all the meat the farm produces. Pick up your cuts when you want them and in the order you want. These make excellent gifts for the adventurous eater in your life.  Some items are limited and go fast. NCOF reserves the right to substitute a cut of meat of equal value in the case of depleted inventory. We’re happy to work with any reasonable special requests or if you’d like a combination of cuts within a category. 3 options for the punch card include: Nose to Tail Pork ($150), Nose to Tail Beef ($200), and Omnivore’s Delight ($450). Email [email protected] with questions or to sign up!

  • Cost: $309
  • Pick up: Mondays or Wednesdays after 3 pm
  • Duration: 20 weeks, June 10-October 23 or June 12-October 25
  • Weekly pick ups from the NCOF root cellar
  • No membership required

Choose your share length, day of the week, and for either delivery or pick up at NCOF.
Flower selection will change weekly according to what we’ve harvesting.
Most of the flowers in our arrangements will last two weeks if you clean the vase, change the water, and trim the stems.
Arrangement height and width can be customized for where it will be displayed.
Delivery limited to within 7 miles of NCOF. Please email [email protected] with specific questions.

  • 20 weeks, Mondays, June 10- October 21, $510
  • 15 weeks, Mondays, June 10-October 21, $386
  • 7 weeks, Mondays, July 8-August 19, $180
  • 7 weeks, Mondays, August 26-October 21, $180
  • 20 weeks, Thursday, June 13- October 25, $510
  • 15 weeks, Thursday, June 13-October 25, $386
  • 7 weeks, Thursday, July 11-August 22, $180
  • 7 weeks, Thursday, August 29-October 24, $180

Praise for our CSA:

“Really beautiful share this week. Each week has been a pleasure but this week was extra special. Thank you.”—J., Town Employee CSA customer

“We love the kimchi in this week’s share, thank you…! And thank you all for the delicious veggies, keep it up! “—2018 CSA customer