Products & Services

The Natick Farm is committed to productive open space. We use certified-organic methods to grow our vegetable and flowers and follow free-range and holistic management practices to raise our animals. We use the forest as the home base for the Forest Gnomes, our Waldkindergarten program. Everywhere you look there is beauty in use.


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a concerted effort between grower and consumer to make local food more sustainable for all involved. By buying a share at the beginning of the season, before some crops are even planted, you are making an investment in future harvests. For twenty weeks, from June to October, join us in eating healthy fresh vegetables, enjoying beautiful fresh flowers, or both!

CSA participation is a privilege of Farm Membership. Have questions? Reach out to [email protected]

  • Cost: $371
  • Pickup: Mondays after 3pm from the NCOF Root Cellar
  • Duration: June 4 through October 15


  • Cost: $566
  • Pickup: Wednesdays after 3pm from the NCOF root cellar
  • Duration: June 6 through October 17
  • Cost: $309
  • Pickup: Mondays or Wednesdays after 3pm, starting June 4 through October 17
  • Duration: Weekly pickups from the NCOF root cellar

Choose your share length, day of the week, and delivery or pick up at NCOF

  • 7 weeks, Monday or Wednesday delivery June 4 through August 27, $175
  • 15 weeks, Monday or Wednesday delivery June 4 through September 10, $375
  • 20 weeks, Monday or Wednesday delivery June 4 through October 15, $495



Certified-organic from start to finish, we offer beautiful bouquets through our CSA and at Farmers Markets, arrangements for weddings and events, and bulk cut flowers for DIY arrangement. Have Questions? Reach out to [email protected]

For seasonal selection by month, check out our NCOF cut flower availability sheet

Farm Products

The Natick Farm is a productive place all year round. We tap and boil sap to make syrup, sell mesclun and seedlings, and shear our sheep in the spring. We raise beautiful vegetables, cut flowers, raspberries, and blueberries in the summer. We harvest meat from our animals and honey from our bees in the fall. Eggs are collected daily but quantities are limited. All products are available at our farm stand or in the Farmhouse in season, while supplies last.

Market Stand

The outdoor farm stand is open from sun up to sun down every day of the year. We take the cash box in at night; if you come in the evening, please bring plenty of change, write down what you purchase, and put your money in the drop box on the post.  This stand moves inside the farmhouse between Thanksgiving and May 1, which closes at 5 pm. 

Barn-side Market Stand

  • located in front of the barn
  • open in spring, summer, and fall every day during daylight hours
  • operates on the honor system
  • takes cash or checks only; exact change appreciated.
  • please write down what you purchase & put your payment in the cash box.


Youth-Run Market Stand

  • located on Route 16 at the top of Ailinger Drive.
  • open Monday through Friday, 9 am-4 pm, June and July.
  • run by NCOF’s Working Farmers, who are paid a percentage of the Stand’s income for their work.


Workshop Stand

  • sells meat and other high-value seasonal items
  • open Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm.
  • offers eggs, greens, vegetables, yarn, holiday arrangements, and maple syrup during winter months

Natick Market

Held every Saturday from mid June through the end of October on the Natick Common, the Natick Farmers Market is a great place to spend a Saturday morning. Even if fresh local veg and flowers aren’t enough to get you down town, there are vendors and artisans selling all kinds of wares, free live music, and much more. Visit for all the details

  • NCOF participates in the Market from June through October, every Saturday from 9 am-1 pm