Public Programs

Whether your child is pre-school-aged, or in public school, remote school, combo school, or home school, we have a program that’s just right!

Current NCOF Members at the Crofter level ($125) and above automatically save 20% on public program fees at checkout. Membership lasts a full year. All public program and membership registrations take place online by setting up a free account in our online registration system.

Questions or concerns for programs, please email [email protected]

Afterschool Farmers (grades K-4) Mondays & Thursdays
This program will involve students in our everyday Farm operations, from animal chores to harvesting, to putting our gardens to bed. Memorial students will be walked over from Memorial by Farm staff for an additional fee.

Afterschool in the Woods (grades k-4) Wednesdays
Let’s reclaim our woods for afternoon play and exploration. There will be time for hikes, wood working and building shelters. Memorial students will be walked over from Memorial by Farm staff for an additional fee.

Early Morning Drop Off, Mondays-Thursdays
Join us at the Farm for our new Early Morning Drop Off Program! We will do various fun, outdoor Farm activities, such as feeding an animal, or taking a hike into the forest before the start of the school day. Dropoff is at 7:30 am – we will walk Memorial students over to school at 8:40 am.

Farming for Homeschoolers (ages 5-10) Tuesdays & Thursdays
Throughout the school year we will offer a Tuesday and Thursday morning for homeschoolers at the Farm. Each morning the children will be involved in our everyday Farm operations, from animal chores to harvesting, etc. Over the course of the year children will get a deep insight into all aspects on a Farm.

Farming for Homeschoolers (ages 11-14) Monday & Wednesdays
This opportunity for middle-school-aged youth is all about working together to solve problems creatively and to contribute meaningfully to the Farm’s mission. These intrepid students participate in every aspect of the farming seasons, from harvesting in the fall, to sugaring in the winter, to planting in the spring. Join us in growing people while growing food!

Youth Work Experience (grades 5-8) Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays
We are inviting middle-school students to join Farm staff after school to take care of the animals and help with maintenance. During the months of September, October, and November, students will be involved in harvesting and putting the gardens to bed.

Woodland Adventures (Ages 3-5) Tuesdays & Thursdays (K-2nd)
Spend some time in the forest, where free play is the order of the day, and where exploration and imagination guide the activities! This is a drop off program with general farm/animal interactions.

Fridays on the Farm (Ages 3-5) Fridays
Wake the animals up, help the Farmers give water to, and feed, the animals, and gather eggs. Then spend some time in the forest, where free play is the order of the day!

Chore Time (Ages 4-6) Mondays and Wednesdays
Come down to the Farm and wake up the animals. Help the farmers feed and give water and gather the eggs.

Little Hands in The Soil (Ages 3-5) Mondays and Wednesdays
We are looking for little hands to help us take care of our gardens. We will harvest, mulch, and put the garden to bed, just like big gardeners.

Hop With The Bunnies (Ages 3-5) Mondays
Spend some time each week learning about these warm, fuzzy little creatures. Learn how they live in the wild and how we care for them at home and on the farm!

Farm Learning Workshop (Ages 6+) Mondays and Wednesdays
Join us for workshops on weekly topics related to the farm. In these workshops, participants can learn about taking care of livestock, composting, gardening, and best farming practices! These workshops are ideal for hands on experience.

Cluckin’ on the Farm (Ages 3-5) Wednesdays
Come to NCOF and get an up close and personal experience with our chickens! Every week we will learn about these birds as well as engage in story time and crafts.

Outdoor Explore & Play (Ages 1.5-3, w/ caregiver) Mondays & Wednesdays
(Masks are not required for kids in this program.) Come down to the Farm and wake up the animals, sing songs, hear a story! NCOF is a great space for play time.

Natick Community Organic Farm does not offer refunds after September 1 for the Fall sessions.
If there is a Covid-19 related incident or we must cancel programs, we will issue refunds upon request at that time.

We are so glad to have you and yours join us. Please take note of the following to help us ensure a fun, safe, and memorable program of agricultural adventure.

-We run programming in all weather.

-Please be on time when dropping off and picking up your child. It is important for things to run smoothly. A late fee of $1 per minute will be charged after 5 minutes.

– Check In at the start of each program via our paper check in sheet or using our online form here. No check out form required.

-Your child must wear closed-toed-shoes (NO CROCS!!) and crew (long) socks. They must bring a hat & raincoat (if it looks like rain.) No umbrellas please. T-shirts and jeans (or long shorts) are best. Your child may not participate in Farm activities if they are not wearing appropriate clothing. Consider dressing your child in long pants to avoid poison ivy exposure.

-Send your child with a small healthy snack for programs running over an hour and a re-usable water bottle.

-Prior to coming to camp, put sun-screen on your child. If you want your child to use bug repellent, please apply it before coming to the Farm. If we think your child has been exposed to poison ivy, we will wash their hands with Tecnu soap which removes poison ivy oils. If your child gets a scrape we will wash the cut with soap and water and apply a bandaid. We do not apply any antibiotic ointment at the Farm.

-The Pond! Everyone loves visiting the pond, and some take some mud or muck home with them. Please send rain boots with your child.

-We eat! We take allergies and food safety seriously while giving kids positive experiences eating tasty vegetables.

-The Farm often takes pictures to use in its marketing materials. If you would prefer not to have your child’s picture taken, please let us know at [email protected]

Behavioral Guidelines at NCOF

On the Farm there are a lot of ways to be. Our guests are invited to be happy, be curious, be excited, be engaged, and to be respectful. The Natick Community Organic Farm is a working farm; everything you see, touch, and taste was grown or cared for by our farmers. We want you to be part of that process as our guest, something you can do by your actions while on the Farm.

We ask that all visitors to the Farm help us care for our animals by not running or yelling, so as not to scare them. We ask that guests be careful where they walk and what they touch so as to not damage our crops. For program participants, the expectations are broadened to include respecting the other members of our community. Appropriate behavior is encouraged at all times, inappropriate behavior will be corrected, and unacceptable behavior will be dealt with in a linear fashion.

  • At the first instance of unacceptable behavior, NCOF staff will discuss it with the child’s
  • The second instance will result in the child being asked to leave for the
  • On the third event the child will be disinvited from participating in future Farm

Without getting too pedantic, unacceptable behaviors include: cruelty to the animals, violence towards others, gross disrespect, and willful destruction of crops or produce. No refunds will be issued as a consequence of poor behavior.

What folks are saying about our programs:

“I have been meaning to write for months, really ever since my 4 year old son, A., finished up 5 weeks of the Budding Farmer program (or farm camp, as we fondly called it) at the farm in August. My reason for writing is to thank you. A. is, by nature, an outdoor kind of a kid and I was convinced, following our move to Natick in January, that he would love the farm. But his time with Bridget and Betsy far exceeded my expectations. Everyday he was full of enthusiastic stories… what he’d found in the woods, the animals he’d cared for, the bee stings he’d bravely endured! He talked more about farm camp (and with more enthusiasm) than he has about any school, camp, or class he has ever done. Part of that is because of him and what he loves/feels connected to. But most of that is because of you and the wonderful programs you run.  I know how often one can go about their regular business and not know how much is being contributed or noticed. But please know how grateful A. and our whole family is for the important work that you do on the farm. Thank you and keep up the good work! Best wishes,”A.L., Parent

“My son participated in the April Vacation program and absolutely LOVED it.  He is five and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but he came home each day saying, “Camp at the Farm was AWESOME.” with two thumbs up and wants to return every afternoon after his sister naps.   I feel it is always important to tell someone/place a job well done-Since we tend to always hear the negative. ” S.L., Parent