Covid Policies

Covid-19 Response Policies: What you need to know!

Masks & Social Distancing

Wearing masks outside and with groups is a state regulation in effect for ages two years old and up. Therefore, mask use is mandatory for all children and adults at all times on the farm (visits, programming, etc.) other than to eat snack/lunch during programs.

The farm recognizes the 6 foot social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC and State of Massachusetts.

Asking Our Visitors

  • To stay out of our buildings. (Barn, sugar shack, farmhouse, etc)
  • To not touch equipment, animals, or fencing.
  • To not use our picnic tables.
  • To stay 6 feet away from other groups, people, and staff.

Hand Sanitizing

Children and staff are encouraged to wash/sanitize hands before, during, and after programs. Hand sanitizer will be at the outside sink and with farm educators.

Illness During Programming

If by chance there is a program participant who starts to become ill during programming, we have designated a quarantine space for them to reside until they are picked up. Staff and educators are to immediately go home.

Farmhouse Policy

All programming is held outdoors.

Parent Policies

  • Parents are confirming upon registration they are following all Covid-19 precautions.
  • There is no traveling allowed out of state for program participants or their contacts during programming.
  • Parents must take the temperature of each child before and after programming for any signs of illness, especially related to Covid-19.