Fresh Cage-Free Eggs

About Our Flock

We keep approximately 150 hens, called layers, for eggs. They are a mix of different breeds. We have a couple of roosters to defend the flock and to teach difference between males and females. Lights in the henhouse encourage steady egg production. During the day, hens go outside whenever they want and range around in our large outdoor runs. One or two like to fly over the fence. At night, we shut all the chickens inside the hen house to keep them safe from predators. 

Pricing & Availability 

Our eggs are $.50 each, or $6/dozen. We do not grade them by size or color. Due to the size our flock and the popularity of our fresh eggs, they are in limited supply. The best times to get eggs are right after they are collected during morning and afternoon chores. Sorry, but we cannot reserve eggs for people who call ahead.


Email our Livestock Team

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