Grounded at NCOF

Grounded at NCOF

Grounded at NCOF is a new blog covering news and life on the Farm.

Through the months of November 2020 – July 2021, TerraCorps member Anne Flaherty will run this blog as an ongoing project during her service year with us.


The blog is compiled of four sections, which will provide information on the following topics:

People of NCOF: As a community farm founded in 1975, we have a unique connection with generations of local residents and local farms. Many of our volunteers and employees have experiences at NCOF that shape them for the rest of their lives. As we continue to grow so do the people of our farm – stay tuned for their stories!
Education: NCOF is an educational farm, offering many ways to learn about and get involved with farming and sustainability. NCOF has programs for all ages, ranging from our nature-based preschool program to our teen work crew. This section is for everything from highlighting fun activities of NCOF programs to learning about why outdoor education is important to our physical and mental health.
Farm Updates: In this section, you will find updated information about happenings on the Farm. Whether it be upcoming events or how we are adapting to the pandemic and changes of seasons, this will be a space for all news.
Sustainability: Since environmental stewardship is one of the core values at NCOF, this section will share the latest about what farming sustainability looks like at the Farm and how to maintain some sustainability of your own.