Turkey Orders



The Natick Community Organic Farm is certified to sell organic produce and we follow the certification standards for raising our livestock.....



sorry but we have sold out of 2016 turkeys and have a long waitlist. please try again next year.

You can also try many hands organic farm in barre, ma (978) 355-2853. www.mhof.net



  • NCOF raises 150 large domestic white turkeys every year.
  • They are fed organic grains from their day of hatching and allowed to roam, graze, and romp on the Farm’s organic pastures. (check out our YouTube videos of our turkeys in the pasture and being curious)
  • Dressed turkeys weigh between 16 and 35 pounds.
  • Turkeys cost $4.75 pound, based on the cost of organic grain this year, plus a $5 slaughtering fee. They are sold fresh.



NCOF turkeys are delicious. They are moist and juicy, and they make the best gravy ever. Because our birds are free to run around every day, there's less of a difference between the white meat and dark meat, making for a more uniform texture. NCOF birds also tend to cook more quickly than other store-bought birds, so do yourself a favor and invest in a meat thermometer to monitor your bird once it's in the oven to avoid overcooking it.


"Last year's turkey was our first from NCOF and the best we ever had."--Sarah


"Turkey is my favorite meat and once a year, at Thanksgiving, I get to have by far the best tasting turkey I've ever had when my friends serve the turkey that they purchase at NCOF. I wish these were available year round. Bursting with complex delectable flavor, this is what turkey is meant to be. I wait for it all year long!--Marty O.


"It was hands-down the most delicious turkey ever."--Barb L.

How to Order

  • We always sell out! Please order your turkey as soon as possible before the pick up date of Tuesday, November 22.

  • Farm Members with a membership of $35 or greater receive priority ordering for NCOF turkeys between August 1 and October 1. (If you do not hold a current membership with the Farm you can either purchase a Farm membership today and send it in with your turkey order.)

  • To order, pay the $30 deposit, or add your name to the Turkey Order form on the clipboard at NCOF’s market stand. Include a $30 deposit. (No deposit = no reservation.) Make checks payable to NCOF.
  • Pick up your bird on pick-up day and bring a check for the remainder of your bill.

Pick Up Information

Pick up takes place on Tuesday, November 22, between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM.


You'll be given a number upon arrival, and will get to pick your bird in sequence. Shop for vegetables while you're waiting.

  • If you can't pick up your turkey at this time, arrange for a friend to do so. We don't have extra freezer space.

  • Pick up is on a first-come, first-served basis. Sorry, NCOF cannot take reservations.

  • NCOF has a limited number of turkeys under 16 pounds.

  • NCOF does not offer deposit refunds to customers who cannot get a bird of a certain weight.

  • Come early for the best selection

  • Read up on how to cook a turkey. We highly recommend getting an internal probe thermometer so that you don't overcook your turkey.

Thanks and enjoy your bird!