Middle and High School Programs

work and learn within a farm community

The Farm is committed to having Middle and High School age students take advantage of not only the learning experiences on the Farm, but also participating as part of this community. This is a place where students can find time to associate with their peers and adults while working toward learning about the ecological cycles inherent in producing food for the community. Through this work with us, students can learn life lessons related the the environment, ecology, and their own health. The Farm is a place for independence, pride, and hard work. The Farm is a place for smiles, challenges, and learning. We look forward to opportunities to work with teachers and students.

Students visit the Farm for a 5-6 hour program combining work and study units with an emphasis on a specific subject concentration. There are between 4 and 6 work/study units in a day, with small groups of students rotating through each unit throughout the day. Students must be accompanied by school faculty who will work along side them. In order to have the program be collaborative with schools, we require that school faculty plan two lessons that they would teach as part of student rotations on the Farm.

Depending on your desired focus, choose from three concentration areas:

Environmental Issue in Agriculture
...addresses issues related to soil, water, insect control, plant propagation, cultivation, plant growth, and animal care.

Interconnected Ecological Cycles on an Organic Farm
...addresses the interconnectedness of all living things and understanding the natural cycles used in organic farming.

Close to the Ground: Eating for Health
...addresses topics related to our food supply and what we eat, including understanding environmental impacts, whole foods, choices in feeding ourselves and assessing healthy eating habits.

All programs allow students to explore specific subject matter while being given the opportunity to perform real work tasks on the Farm. This gives students the ability to understand the labor and great body of knowledge needed for successful organic farming and natural cycles of the earth. The programs touch on many aspects of Middle and High school learning.

The Farm can accomodate up to 90 students per work/ study day. Working group size cannot exceed 15 students. We encourage faculty to consider whole grade level participation as a unifying experience, coming over several days, if needed to accomodate all students.

Programs require some advance reading by students, typically a book or excerpts related to specific concentration areas. These readings are picked by your teachers and relate to the two lesson plans they prepare as part of the rotations on the farm. Feel free to contact us if you need ideas!

There is a $5 fee/student per day for programs to help us cover the cost of program related supplies and additional staffing. We are committed to keeping fees as affordable as possible so cost will not be a determining factor in whether a school can participate in these programs.