Farm Animals


As a working, productive Farm, every animal on our Farm provides us with a useful product or service.


Download visitor's map (PDF) of farm here to locate all the animals!


We keep and raise animals for

  • meat: beef, pork, rabbit, chicken, turkey, goat, lamb
  • wool: sheep
  • garden fertilizer: all
  • weed control and ground clearing: goats, sheep, pig
  • pest control: cat, dogs
  • teaching people about animals!


Our animals are raised humanely.  They are allowed to graze and roam on organic pastures and fed on organic grains, hay, and grass.


During your visit, you and your children may witness animals reproducing, birthing, nursing young, or dying. We encourage you to use your visit an opportunity to talk openly about life cycles, and that farm animals are raised for food.



(as of November 2014; subject to change)


Lucy Belle and Lucy We do not milk our cows. We offer beef for sale approximately every other fall.


Three ewes One black ewe and one white ewe are part Dorset. All females are bred in the fall. Lambs are born in late winter/early spring, and sold for meat in late spring.


Tilly (brown Nubian),  Florence, and Little One (Saanen doe), Eddy the billy goat. Does (females) are bred in the fall. Kids are born in the late winter/early spring and sold for meat in late spring. Female goats who have birthed can be milked until they are bred again. We do not sell goats' milk.



2: We have two sows who are bred to have litters in spring.


+/- 100 Layers & Broilers. Eggs are available year-round. They are $6/dozen. The best times to get them are at chore time 9 AM and 4 PM. Broilers (meat birds) are available in the autumn on a limited basis. They are sold frozen.


+/- 150 Holland Turkeys. Thanksgiving turkeys may be pre-ordered May through November. They are sold frozen. NCOF members have priority August 1 throughl October 15. Birds always sell out. Please see our turkey page for additional information.


+/- 20 New Zealand White, Rex, and other mixed breeds.

Bunnies for pets are sold in spring, summer, and fall. You must visit the Farm Monday through Friday (not on weekends) from 9 AM to 4:30 PM to purchase a rabbit and sign adoption papers. Sorry, but we cannot take reservations for specific rabbits. Call to check availability. Note: We do not accept donations of rabbits and we do not take adopted rabbits back.


Farm Dogs
Bosco, Reiki, and Queenie


Barn Cats

Lucky and Minnie